Liston is a small village near Stanfeld, Sudbury, Castle Hedingham and Stambourne. There is some evidence that the families of Liston, Alliston and Alston are linked.

A Charter of Eleanor de Lyston for Richard and Ellen de Strelleye, 1335 shows her seal and it is apparent her coat of arms is the same as the Alston family.

The History and Topgraphy o Essex mentions the Liston family

In it we can see that the lands are held by the grand serjeancy of making wafers for the King. In 1226 Godfrey or Geoffrey De Liston held lands by this tenure. He also held lands in Witham.

The Domesday lists two Lords of Liston:
Ilbod (brother of Arnulf of Hesdin) who held lands in Witham, Wickford , Liston and [East] Donyland

Geoffrey Talbot of Hugh De Gournay

The holdings suggest Godfrey De Liston may descend from Ilbod of Hesdin, a descendent of the Counts Hesdin

Feet of fines records:

23 William son of Agnes v. Geoffrey son of Godfrey in Stanefeld ( William sells land to Geaffrey in Stansfeld in the time of Richard I )

144 John son of Adam de Alliston v. Robert deErnestedel in Stanfeld ( John sells land to Robert in the time of Henry III )

53 Theobald de Leston v. Godfrey Le Parker in Billesford (Henry III)

The following gives a history of the Listons near Edinburgh who are realted to the Allistons of Essex (FTDNA)


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