Aethelweard The Historian

A Short Extract from The Chronicle of Aethelweard The Historian.
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To Matilda, the most eloquent and true handmaid of Christ,
Ethelwerd the patrician, health in the Lord ! I have re-
ceived, dearest sister, your letter which I longed for, and I
not only read it with kisses, but laid it up in the treasury of
my heart. Often and often do I pray the grace of the Most
High, to preserve you in safety during this life present, and
after death to lead you to his everlasting mansions. But as
I once before briefly hinted to you by letter, I now, with
God’s help, intend to begin in the way of annals from the
beginning of the world, and explain to you more fully about
our common lineage and descent, to the end that the reader’s
task may be lightened, and the pleasure of the hearer may
be augmented, whilst he listens to it. Concerning the coming
of our first parents out of Germany into Britain, their num-
berless wars and slaughters, and the dangers which they en-
countered on ship-board among the waves of the ocean, in
the following pages you will find a full description. In the
present letter therefore I have written, without perplexity of
style, of our modern lineage and relationship, who were our
relations, and how, and where they came from : as far as our
memory can go, and according as our parents taught us. For
instance king Alfred was son of king Ethelwulf, from whom
we derive our origin, and who had five sons, one of whom
was king Ethelred* my ancestor, and another king Alfred

* Etholred died and Alfred succeeded him A. o. 871.

whc was yours. This king Alfred sent his daughter Ethels-
witha into Germany tc be the wile of Baldwin,* who had by
her two sons Ethelwulf and Arnulf, also two daughters Els-
wid and Armentruth. Now from Ethelswitha is descended
count Arnulf,’!’ your neighbour. The daughter of king
Edward son of the above named king Alfred was named
Edgiva, and was sent by your aunt into Gaul to marry
Charles the Simple. Ethilda also was sent to be the wife of
Hugh, son of Robert : and two others were sent by king
Athelstan to Otho that he might choose which of them he
liked best to be his wife. HeJ chose Edgitha, from whom
you derive your lineage ; and united the other in marriage
to a certain king near the Jupiterean Mountains, of whose
family no memorial has reached us, partly from the distance
and partly from the confusion of the times. It is your
province to inform us of these particulars, not only from your
relationship, but also because no lack of ability or interval
of space prevents you.||

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